Return to Night of The Zealot: Arkham Horror LCG

Return to Night of the Zealot is a deluxe expansion of sorts for the Arkham Horror Living card game. The set offers players an opportunity to replay the original campaign with added encounters, and extra cards. Before I continue describing this box set, I want to say something. I haven’t yet finished the play through in the original core set. So why am I writing about this box, which offers a replay of that campaign? Well, I have a few reasons.

The first reason I’m writing about Return to Night of The Zealot is because I haven’t written about anything in a while. And sure, that doesn’t really answer the question beyond, it gave me something to write about. And for now, that is enough.

Secondly, I wanted to write about something that made me happy, and this box set does that. It’s got beautiful box art, and provides some nifty cards that the characters can use, making it a nice way to expand deck building possibilities. And sure, the art isn’t much different from that of the original set, but it looks pretty anyway.

The image shows the box art of the Return to the night of the zealot game box

The whole set includes 66 new cards, 20 of which are for the players. This may not seem like much, especially for the price point, but I think it’s worth it. Why? Well because the box not only offers new material, but it also offers a nice storage space for all your Return to the Night of the Zealot storage needs. And easy storage is always nice for these types of games because your collection can grow quite quickly, and the core box just isn’t large enough.

Another neat thing is that the box comes with dividers to help with organization. Again, an essential thing as your collection grows.

Return to Night of the Zealot Is Good But Leaves Me Wanting a Bit

So far, I have focused on the things I like about this box set. I have also been fairly abstract in discussing it. This is because I don’t want to go through all the cards, nor do I want to spoil anything for potential players. There is, however, on thing that I think FFG could have done to make this better. It would have been simple, easy, and not cost much. As I mentioned earlier, this set has dividers to help with organization. Sadly, these dividers are only for the scenarios found within the campaign.

Granted, that is better than nothing. However, I would like them to have included dividers for the different classes of character cards as well. As it stands, we still have to make our own if we want that. And yes, I know it’s not that big of a deal. Still, when you spend 25-30 dollars on a storage box (with game components) it would be nice to have a little more flash.

Overall, though, I am happy with my purchase of this game box, but that’s probably because I really like the game anyway.

So, those are my thoughts on Return of the Night of the Zealot. Have you played the Arkham Horror LCG? Have you played with this set? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there.

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