I’m Sick of Baby Yoda: And I Haven’t Watched Much

I’ve still only seen the first episode of the Mandalorian, but already I’m sick of Baby Yoda. Does that make me a monster? In the eyes of the Internet, probably. Everyone seems to be going crazy over the character, sharing gifs and memes and their overall enjoyment. To them, I say, I am glad they’re enjoying the character. I’m sick of Baby Yoda because he’s inescapable. All I see on the internet is people talking about him. And now I’m doing it, too and I hate myself for it.

Look, I want to be clear that there’s nothing wrong with sharing what you love. The world is so dark that we need to find joy where we can. I’m not even asking people to stop sharing stuff about him. And, I’m not saying there haven’t been a few things I’ve seen and appreciated concerning him. One was a Lone Wolf and Cub cover with the Mandalorian and BY instead of Ogami Itto and Daigoro. It is awesome . Overall, though the obsession wiht BY feels like it’s too much for me.

The image shows a mock cover of Lone Wolf and Cub with the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, who I'm sick of.

I don’t mind that he’s cute. I like cute things. And I love Yoda and think it’s neat that Star Wars is bringing in another one of his species. I mean, clearly the character is not really the Jedi Master, but that’s what the world has dubbed him.

I know I must sound like a curmudgeon. The thing is, because I’m sick of Baby Yoda, I kind of don’t want to watch the series. Which is a shame because I was looking forward to it. Yes, this is my own issue, I need to get past.

I’m Sick of Baby Yoda, But That Could Change

I still plan on watching the rest of the Mandalorian, and giving Baby Yoda a chance. I am not THAT closed minded. Still, it has been difficult for me to find the motivation to watch the series. Not all of that has to do with the green child, but a lot of it does.

I am sorry if I have upset anyone with this thread. It is not my intent to be a dick to people who love the character. As I wrote earlier, we can love what we want, and I am happy that people share that love. So, please, if you comment, don’t be too cruel. We are all allowed to have opinions, and disagreements, but let’s try to be respectful when we do. Thanks for reading.

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