Dryvember Day Three: SJ Sharks Make Me Thirsty

Dryvember day three saw another successful day of no booze, and another SJ Sharks loss. The latter definitely made the former more difficult. Whereas they played an excellent game yesterday and still lost, today they stank. They weren’t Sharks, they were chum. It was a terrible game after the first two shifts, which I missed due to internet issues. Anyway, it was a stinker.

I say that the Sharks losing made Dryvember day three tough, but that’s not really true. Sure, a drink would have been nice to help numb the pain, but it was unnecessary. In fact, not drinking allowed me to really pay attention to how bad the game was. I got to embrace my disappointment rather than give into booze inspired anger. So, another win to build on. Now, if only Team Teal could start to build on whatever little things they do well to get some wins. Of course, today, they did nothing well except feed the opposition.

But, enough about the Sharks. After the game, I was in the position of once again figuring out something to do. The first thing I did was drown my disappointment in ginger beer, non-alcoholic of course.

The image shows a bottle of Bundaberg ginger beer, which was my beverage of choice for Dryvember Day Three
This stuff is delicious. Not too sweet with a nice real ginger flavor.

Fighting the Boredom of Dryvember Day Three

After enjoying that beverage (gone too quickly) I still didn’t know what to do. I figured I could do some writing because I can always do some writing. But, I’d been staring at my computer screen for a while already. Then, I thought I could play some Luigi’s Mansion 3 because that game’s a blast. But again, the problem of screens. Of course, while I considering these thoughts, I was on my phone. So much for avoiding screens.

Finally, I decided it was time for lunch, so I ate. Then I ventured out to the local supermarket for some much needed supplies: mostly cleaning. I still haven’t cleaned up my apartment, but now at least I have the needed items.

And here’s the trick to this whole sobriety thing, at least for me: don’t get bored. This is different from staying active, though there are definite similarities. Boredom is the bane of sobriety because you’re sitting there with nothing better to do, so why no drink. It’s logical to an extent, and easy to follow through on. Keeping busy, or at least embracing the nothing that you do will help you fight bored drinking. When I say you here, I want to be clear, I mean me. I don’t know what would work for any of you reading this. I don’t know your lives or your drinking triggers.

However, I do know that engaging fully with what I am doing helps me stay sober. Sometimes that means writing, others it means going shopping, and others still it means writing or lesson planning. There is always something I could be doing other than drinking. I need to remember that even after this month is over.

What Did I Do?

Did I ever figure out something to do? Not really. I mean, I wrote this blog post, so that’s something. And now I am deciding whether or not to work on a story I started yesterday after I wrote my update on No Drink November, or to just watch a movie. I find both of them quite appealing. I probably should work on the story; it involves a deadline. But, I do have work tomorrow and relaxing sounds nice, too.

Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, that’s what went on during Dryvember day three for me. Thanks for reading, and if you’ve got something to say, say it in the comments.

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