Dryvember Day Sixteen Wrong Socks

Anyone who walks for long periods of time knows the importance of good shoes and socks. Well, on Dryvember day sixteen I had the right shoes, but I had the wrong socks. And it’s totally my fault. I know these socks suck and I should just throw them away, but I always forget. Why am I talking about socks? Because I have blisters on my feet after my long walk today. These blisters are the result of wearing the wrong socks.

What makes these socks wrong? Well, they’re too thin. Basically, I might as well wear toilet paper instead of socks. That’s how effective they are. In fact, I am throwing them away now before I forget. How do I know it’s the socks and not the shoes? After all, isn’t it the shoes that usually cause blisters? Or is it the socks? Well according to the University of Utah it’s actually friction. This friction seems to be from how our feet slide against our shoes. And thin socks can cause more friction. So there, you go. It was the socks that helped these blisters come into existence. Stupid thin socks. I hate them.

Aside from the blisters, today has been better than yesterday and the day before. I got some good sleep last night, and had a relaxing morning. Sure, I put off doing grading papers, but that’s what Sundays are for.

And the walk was lovely. The weather was cool today, and misty. It had the character of one of those days where rain approaches but never actually comes. Furthermore, the air quality was good; it’s been pretty foul recently.

The picture shows a statue of Ant-Man from the movie that I saw on Dryvember day sixteen as I cried about wearing the wrong socks.

Plus, I came across this statue of Ant-Man, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture. So yeah, not a bad Dryvember day sixteen despite the the wrong socks.

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One thought on “Dryvember Day Sixteen Wrong Socks”

  1. For me what matters most is the elastics in a sock, something you can’t judge until after you buy them. Too often I’ve bought socks and the elastics cut into my circulation so when I take off a sock, you can see where they were as they constricted the skin.
    That said, I often lean towards a thinner sock because I wear insoles due to my left foot being dislocated in a car accident a decade ago. Then again odds are I don’t walk as much as you do.
    Oh and cool Ant-Man! Thanks for sharing.

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