Dryvember Day Nine: My Emotions!

Let me tell you, dear readers, Dryvember day nine has been emotional. It started fine. I slept in, had some real coffee, and watched some old Penny Dreadful episodes. Then, at around noon a little bit of creeping malaise began to settle in. I figured it was probably because I was just lounging around in bed not doing anything. So, I decided to get up and get moving. That took a little bit of time, but eventually I was out of the house and listening to the Film Reroll. For those who don’t know, it’s a podcast where they role play through movies and it’s delightful.

Today’s episode was Practical Magic, a movie I’ve never seen. And you know what, it didn’t matter that I hadn’t seen it because the cast is so skilled and entertaining that I knew what was happening. Besides, they always change the movies anyways, so even if I had seen it, it wouldn’t have been the same. Well, let me tell you, this episode was quite the emotional roller coaster. More than a few time, I found myself crying as I wandered down the streets of Jinan. These weren’t tears of sadness, or of joy, really. Rather, they were tears of release. I think I’ve been keeping in a lot of stress lately without too many places to put it.

Feeling the Stress on Dryvember Day Nine

Sure, I talk about it here a little bit, but there’s only so much catharsis blogging can offer up. Part of the problem, I think, is that many of my days begin at 8am and finish at 6pm. Granted, I don’t work those hours straight through, but they do limit the amount of free time I have. It’s hard to go for an afternoon walk when you work 2pm-6pm. And yeah, I could go for an evening stroll, but by that time I’m hungry and have to start getting ready for the next day.

Now, I know I am not special in this regard. Everyone works too much and doesn’t have enough time. So, on one hand I am sorry for complaining, but on the other I need to get this out. It is what it is, and I hope it doesn’t make me sound whiny or entitled or anything. I have it relatively easy compared to a lot of others. I know that.

Also, I think I’m just feeling lonely. I don’t really have any friends here. You think it’s hard to make friends after you reach a certain age? Try it in a country where you don’t speak the language. Again, this is what I signed up for, and I am not complaining. I am, however, just explaining what’s on my mind.

But, got some cheese from the foreign goods store, and that makes me happy. And, I found a “Pocket Park” in Jinan, which put a smile on my face. I must have looked quite the sight to anyone who saw me, smiling with tears in my eyes, looking at this little park. Oh, emotions are such strange things.

The image shows a pocket park, which I saw on Dryvember Day nine as I wandered through Jinan, crying.
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Homer Simpson Said It So I Won’t

All of these feeling probably have something to do with Dryvember, not just day nine. Funny thing, that alcohol: it acts as a depressant when you use it, but hey when you aren’t using it, too!. Awesome. Why would anyone ever start/stop it?

I joke, but only a little. I realize I probably sound down in this blog post, and I am a little. But, I’m doing all right, really. In fact, I’m doing pretty well. And now I am off to work on revising a story I hope to submit to a contest on Friday.

Wish me luck, and thanks for reading. Have a wonderful period of waking.

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