Dryvember Day Eleven: I Don’t Like Mushrooms

I have never liked mushrooms, but in the interest of trying something new on Dryvember day eleven, I decided to cook some up. Actually, I decided a few days ago that would give mushrooms another go. Why? Well, in my spare time I like to look at recipes for food I will never make or eat. Shut up, we all have our weird past times. Besides, I know I’m not the only one who does this.

As I was scrolling through a variety of recipes, I stumbled upon a mushroom and garlic one. It sounded pretty good, so I figured I’d give something like it a try. Now, to be clear, I didn’t make this recipe. I just used it as a base guideline. See, the thing I dislike about mushrooms is the sliminess, so I was looking for a way to avoid that. Over the weekend, I bought some mushrooms and butter, but forgot the garlic.

Today, I went back to the store and got some garlic for the purpose of adding it to my butter sauteed mushrooms. Well that, and it’s just nice to have garlic in the house even if it doesn’t keep vampires away.

But, I hear you asking, why bother with mushrooms if you don’t like them? That’s a good question, and the only answer I have is our tastes change. I didn’t use to like curry and now I love it. I figured I may as well give mushrooms another chance.

Following the basic instructions of the recipe, I heated them up and listened to them sizzle. Then I added some onions and yellow bell pepper. All of these I cooked without oil or butter. I was a little worried about the onions and bell pepper due to the moisture.

Dryvember Day Eleven I Do Like Mushrooms (Kind of)

Mushrooms are like sponges: They soak everything up. But, I figured if I cooked them long enough at a high enough temperature I could overcome that. After the peppers and onions and ‘shrooms had started to caramelize, I added the butter and garlic. Again, I was worried about adding moisture, this time in the form of butter. However, it worked out and the mushrooms weren’t slimy. After cooking all the veggies together, I set them aside and heated up a tortilla. Then I put the mushroom mix on the tortilla, added cheese, and made a quesadilla.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with my convection. The mushrooms weren’t slimy, but they still tasted like mushrooms (of course). The cheese and the garlic helped, but then cheese and garlic usually help. I won’t say I created my new favorite dish on Dryvember day eleven, but I didn’t hate it. So, now I can say that I am starting to gain an appreciation for mushrooms, even if I still don’t really enjoy them.

I would probably make it again, but only once in a blue moon. I meant to take a picture of it before I ate it, but I forgot. And that’s why I don’t have an Instagram account.

After the meal, I had a Bundaberg Blood Orange sparkling drink because I was craving something sweet after all that savory food. The drink was delicious. I got two of them at the store this weekend, but I should have got more.

The image shows a bottle of Bundaberg blood orange sparkling drink, which I drank after eating my mushroom concoction on Dryvember day eleven.

What are your thoughts on mushrooms? Like em? Love em? Hate em? Let me know in the comments. Oh, and if you have any good or interesting recipes to share, drop them as well. They don’t have to be mushroom related.

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