Dryvember Day Eight Too Much Coffee, Dudes

Dryvember day eight will be a a short post? Why? Well, not much happened today, it’s late in the evening, and it’s my post. First things first, I’ve had too much coffee today. In the form of sugary 3 in 1. I am not the biggest fan of 3 in 1 instant mix because they are too sugary and lack a kick.

Case in point:

The image shows Arabus, a  3 in 1 coffee drink I had five packets of on Dryvember day eight.

I had give 100 grams packets of this stuff today, and I’m barely feeling it. I don’t feel wired or jittery. Hell, I don’t even feel the need to rush to the toilet to attend to some business. No, all these things did for me on Dryvember day eight was ensure an increase in my sugar intake.

Why was I drinking 3 in 1 coffee? Well, because I went to the bank yesterday, I didn’t have time to go shopping. This is relevant because I was out of regular coffee. So, when I bought those wasabi chips I ate last night, I picked this up, too. Lesson learned; I won’t be buying these again anytime soon. Never fear, though, I got some real coffee today. I mean it’s still instant, but it’s just coffee, and soon I can be back to acting like Too Much Coffee Man.

I felt good today, though. Sleeping nine and half hours last night had me feeling refreshed and invigorated. The only real bummer of the day was when some foreign teachers (white like me) kind of shamed me for buying Pizza Hut. They saw me coming home during the lunch break and commented on my Pizza Hut bag. I don’t know if they were being dicks, but it sure felt like they were. Whatever. I’m not going to let it bother me.

That’s Dryvember day eight. Thanks for reading.

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