China Trouble Coronavirus Visa and More

As most of you know, I have been working in China for the past 18 months or so, and now I am having some trouble with the Coronavirus and my visa. To be fair, there were difficulties even before the growing epidemic struck.

First, I intended to return to the States for the winter holiday on Jan 6 and return on Feb 3rd. Well, there was a problem on my employer’s end, so I had to visit the States on Jan 1st. I was still set to return on the 3rd of February, assuming I had a new visa, but then China trouble struck in the terms of the coronavirus. So now, I am waiting news of when and if I get to return to the country I have called home for the past year and a half or so.

On one hand, this is bothersome. It bothers me that my life is essentially in limbo right now. And, it bothers me that I have no real idea of when it will end. Furthermore, I left a bunch of stuff there, and a messy kitchen, and want it back. I don’t know if I will get it. I could do without cleaning the kitchen; necessary evil, I suppose.

On the other hand, my issues are not terrible. Sure, they seem awful to me, but then I’m living them. They pale in comparison to what the people of Wuhan and the people of China are large are going through. Spare a thought for them if you can. And also, please refrain from racist jokes about them and their dietary habits.

What do this China trouble with coronavirus and visa mean? That my future is uncertain. But then, aren’t they all?

Beating China Trouble Coronavirus and visa

So what am I doing now in the States. Well, aside from indulging too much in too much booze and food, I am writing. I know, you wouldn’t think it if you’ve been checking on this blog. I haven’t written here for over a month, and for that I apologize. The thing is, since returning to the States, I’ve been tired, and creating. And it’s hard to create while tired. Hell, it’s hard to do anything when you’re tired. That’s why sleep is so important.

What have I been creating to keep my mind off of China trouble, coronavirus, and visa issues? I’m glad you asked.

The biggest thing I’ve created this year (2020) was finishing a short story for a competition. I’m certain I won’t win, but I am proud of myself nonetheless. G I Joe taught us that knowing is half the battle. Well, here’s that in action: I know my works won’t find publication if I don’t finish them. Besides, completing a short story, or illustration, or any other work of art is fantastic. It grows confidence and reminds us that yes we can do this. I don’t make new year resolutions, but I do resolve to finish more projects this year. Even if the end result stinks.

Other creations include a comic story I’m working on. I just started thinking about it a few days ago, but I have notes and ideas to spare. I’ll be using the Comic Experience Guide to Writing Comics as a guide, appropriately, in this endeavor.

The image shows Comics Experience guide to writing comics, the book I am using to write a comic book to withstand China trouble, coronavirus, and visa
One of my comic book writing resources

I’ve been doing some reading and watching some movies, but otherwise life has been mostly relaxing during this time, despite the trouble I’ve been having with my China visa and the effect of the Coronavirus on world travel.

Thanks for reading. Comment below.

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