Dryvember Day Ten: Lazy Day of No Drinking

And now marks Dryvember day ten, a day on which I did very little. More importantly, I felt good about doing very little. Of course, I’ll probably be singing a different tune tomorrow. But for now, I am happy to have wasted my day watching the San Jose Sharks play their best game of the season. And, I am happy to have messed around on the Internet, done some writing, and taking a me day.

While I was a blithering emotional wreck yesterday, today was much more serene. I’m not sure if that was a product of all the cathartic crying I did yesterday, or something else. If I had to guess, I would say it was all the crying. I didn’t sleep much last night, so I know it’s not that I felt well rested. Whatever caused it, I’m glad I felt better today, and I hope the feeling continues.

Now, when I say, I felt better, I don’t mean I felt great. There was still some residual emotional drainage from yesterday, and there were a few moments today where I beat myself up for not being more productive. But, I told those thoughts to go to hell and leave me be. And in a happy, if rare, turn of events, it worked.

I’m sleepy today, and look forward to getting lots of good sleep tonight. I hope I can. My plan for tomorrow morning is to wake up early, do some lesson planning, and enjoy my time before going to work. Keep your fingers crossed that I can make it happen.

All in all it was a relaxing day, even if I wasted most of it and didn’t go outside I deserve to treat myself right, and that’s how I spent Dryvember day ten. Thank you for reading.

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Dryvember Day Nine: My Emotions!

Let me tell you, dear readers, Dryvember day nine has been emotional. It started fine. I slept in, had some real coffee, and watched some old Penny Dreadful episodes. Then, at around noon a little bit of creeping malaise began to settle in. I figured it was probably because I was just lounging around in bed not doing anything. So, I decided to get up and get moving. That took a little bit of time, but eventually I was out of the house and listening to the Film Reroll. For those who don’t know, it’s a podcast where they role play through movies and it’s delightful.

Today’s episode was Practical Magic, a movie I’ve never seen. And you know what, it didn’t matter that I hadn’t seen it because the cast is so skilled and entertaining that I knew what was happening. Besides, they always change the movies anyways, so even if I had seen it, it wouldn’t have been the same. Well, let me tell you, this episode was quite the emotional roller coaster. More than a few time, I found myself crying as I wandered down the streets of Jinan. These weren’t tears of sadness, or of joy, really. Rather, they were tears of release. I think I’ve been keeping in a lot of stress lately without too many places to put it.

Feeling the Stress on Dryvember Day Nine

Sure, I talk about it here a little bit, but there’s only so much catharsis blogging can offer up. Part of the problem, I think, is that many of my days begin at 8am and finish at 6pm. Granted, I don’t work those hours straight through, but they do limit the amount of free time I have. It’s hard to go for an afternoon walk when you work 2pm-6pm. And yeah, I could go for an evening stroll, but by that time I’m hungry and have to start getting ready for the next day.

Now, I know I am not special in this regard. Everyone works too much and doesn’t have enough time. So, on one hand I am sorry for complaining, but on the other I need to get this out. It is what it is, and I hope it doesn’t make me sound whiny or entitled or anything. I have it relatively easy compared to a lot of others. I know that.

Also, I think I’m just feeling lonely. I don’t really have any friends here. You think it’s hard to make friends after you reach a certain age? Try it in a country where you don’t speak the language. Again, this is what I signed up for, and I am not complaining. I am, however, just explaining what’s on my mind.

But, got some cheese from the foreign goods store, and that makes me happy. And, I found a “Pocket Park” in Jinan, which put a smile on my face. I must have looked quite the sight to anyone who saw me, smiling with tears in my eyes, looking at this little park. Oh, emotions are such strange things.

The image shows a pocket park, which I saw on Dryvember Day nine as I wandered through Jinan, crying.
Click image to make bigger

Homer Simpson Said It So I Won’t

All of these feeling probably have something to do with Dryvember, not just day nine. Funny thing, that alcohol: it acts as a depressant when you use it, but hey when you aren’t using it, too!. Awesome. Why would anyone ever start/stop it?

I joke, but only a little. I realize I probably sound down in this blog post, and I am a little. But, I’m doing all right, really. In fact, I’m doing pretty well. And now I am off to work on revising a story I hope to submit to a contest on Friday.

Wish me luck, and thanks for reading. Have a wonderful period of waking.

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Dryvember Day Eight Too Much Coffee, Dudes

Dryvember day eight will be a a short post? Why? Well, not much happened today, it’s late in the evening, and it’s my post. First things first, I’ve had too much coffee today. In the form of sugary 3 in 1. I am not the biggest fan of 3 in 1 instant mix because they are too sugary and lack a kick.

Case in point:

The image shows Arabus, a  3 in 1 coffee drink I had five packets of on Dryvember day eight.

I had give 100 grams packets of this stuff today, and I’m barely feeling it. I don’t feel wired or jittery. Hell, I don’t even feel the need to rush to the toilet to attend to some business. No, all these things did for me on Dryvember day eight was ensure an increase in my sugar intake.

Why was I drinking 3 in 1 coffee? Well, because I went to the bank yesterday, I didn’t have time to go shopping. This is relevant because I was out of regular coffee. So, when I bought those wasabi chips I ate last night, I picked this up, too. Lesson learned; I won’t be buying these again anytime soon. Never fear, though, I got some real coffee today. I mean it’s still instant, but it’s just coffee, and soon I can be back to acting like Too Much Coffee Man.

I felt good today, though. Sleeping nine and half hours last night had me feeling refreshed and invigorated. The only real bummer of the day was when some foreign teachers (white like me) kind of shamed me for buying Pizza Hut. They saw me coming home during the lunch break and commented on my Pizza Hut bag. I don’t know if they were being dicks, but it sure felt like they were. Whatever. I’m not going to let it bother me.

That’s Dryvember day eight. Thanks for reading.

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Dryvember Day Seven Chinese Banking Annoys

Dryvember day seven brings you tales of Chinese banking, and the hoops we have to jump through. I’m going to go on a little rant here, but it really wasn’t all that bad. In fact, today was probably the most painless trip I’ve taken to a bank since I arrived her. Why is that? Well, because I didn’t do any actual banking.

For context: I’ve been trying to purchase my plane ticket home for the holidays. I want to use Delta because I want the skymiles. Don’t judge me. Anyway, I found the flight and tried to book it. Everything went swell until it came time to enter my card information. See, I want to use my Chinese card, but I didn’t know how to put in the mailing address. Strike one.

So, I contacted my liaison here at the university and asked if she could help. She gave the thumbs up and things started looking up. Ball one! I visited her office, and got to the same point I had before, and then STRIKE TWO! she couldn’t get it to work either.

Then, we decided to go to the bank itself and see what the billing address was. Maybe it was different from the school’s address, we thought. We considered that maybe there was a special way to input the address that we didn’t know about. So, off we went to the bank. It’s not far from the school.

Dryvember Day Seven Chinese Banking Cashless Option

At the bank we were dismayed to discover that only credit cards receive billing addresses, not debit cards. Can you guess which one I have? That would have been strike three, but my liaison wasn’t finished. She suggested I use the Alipay app (a popular e-commerce app in China), and I agreed. That third strike was a foul tip instead. We returned to her office and tried again.

Well, this time, dear readers I got strike three and was out. Yes, I can use alipay. And I can use it to buy plane tickets. Or rather, I would be able to if I were a Chinese national resident. But, as I am just a white man in a non-white world I can’t. Actually, my whiteness has nothing to do with it. It’s just that I am not a Chinese national.

So, we discussed other options, such as giving her the money and then she will buy the ticket. That is probably what I will end up doing. Or, I might do what I usually do and have my company buy the ticket and then garnish my wages. Either option is fine, but I want more control over my purchases. If I want to buy a plane ticket, I want to have that ability without asking someone else. But, such is the life of a foreigner in China (and other places, too I imagine.)

Not a Bad Day Just A Little Frustrating

Aside from these disappointing Chinese banking escapades Dryvember Day seven went well enough. I woke up early and enjoyed some coffee. I taught my classes, though in one class I taught them something they won’t need to know for a while. Why did I do that? I didn’t pay attention when I was planning and presented the future perfect passive rather than just the future simple passive. In my defense, the heading read: future and present perfect passive, so my mind combined them. Silly me. Oh well, it won’t hurt the students to know this.

So now I am at home, eating junk food and winding down. I worked on my short story a little today during office hours, which made me feel good. I am glad tomorrow’s Friday. No, I won’t be drinking, but at least the weekend will have arrived.

Oh, and yay me for making it through the first seven days of dry November without succumbing to the booze monster. Sure, I’ve eaten my share of sugary snacks over the course of the past week. But, that’s nothing new. Besides, I’m not doing this experiment for my physical health, though that’s a bonus. Rather, I’m staying dry this month for my mental health. And, despite today’s shenanigans, I’m doing pretty well on that front.

The shop on the school sells these delicious beasts. They’re terrible for me, I know, but I don’t care. They’re tasty as heck.

The image shows a bag of Lay's wasabi flavored potato chips which is what I am eating on Dryvember day seven after dealing with Chinese banking

Thanks for reading, and let me know what’s up with you in the comments.

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Dryvember Day Six: Thinks About Drinks

So far my Dryvember posts I have just kind of described my days, but day six will be a little different. Yes, I will still inform you of how my day went and all that jazz. But, I think I will also explore how all of this is making me feel. Describe my emotional state, as it were.

To start, though? How was my day? Thankfully, it started off well and continued that way. Although, I did remember that today is the two year anniversary of my dog’s death. Remembering that made me sad. He was a good Boston terrier, and too young. We had to put him down because of a brain tumor. He was incontinent, incognizant, and on his way out. It was a mercy killing, but it hurt. It still does. Anyway, enough of that noise. He was a good and stinky dog. I will always miss him.

Still the rest of the day went well. I taught my classes, made my students laugh, and the Sharks won. Victory all around.

And yet…during my last lesson I had a think about drinking. The desire to run to the market and get some wine or beer or Scotch as soon as class was over filled me. I could almost see myself making the trip and enjoying my beverages. I could also see myself writing a blog post very different to this one. After all, I couldn’t call it Dryvember Day Six now could I?

Never fear, dear reader, I did not succumb to the siren call of alcohol. Though, I suppose you wouldn’t know if I had. I could be lying about it, I suppose. But that would break the reader blogger trust bond, and I have no interest in that.

Dryvember Day Six Brought Me A Cute Puppy Picture

The picture shows a sleeping puppy pug, which is the picture my sister sent me for Dryvember Day Six
My sister sent me this pic of her cute Pug pupper.

So I suppose I must consider the ‘why’ of wanting to drink. The easy answer is why not? I mean, I’m doing this no drink month thing mostly as a challenge to myself. So what if I fail? Who have I let down other than myself? Well, no one really, except for those following along and offering support. I see you, and I appreciate you.

Another possible answer is because it’s been a nearly a week since I last imbibed, and milestones like this are always something. My brain and my body might be starting to realize they won’t be getting and delicious poison this weekend, or for the next few weekends. Armed with that knowledge, they are striking out the only way they know how: creating cravings! Those sly bastards.

A third possibility is that I was thinking about how bored I was going to be after class. I’ve written about it before, but boredom is probably my number one enemy when it comes to changing my habits. I am sure that’s true for many people, but I know it’s true for me. While I stood in class waiting for my students to finish the task I assigned them, my mind wandered. And the path it found was the Road of Booze. The few moments I spent mentally walking down that path were glorious.

Success is Mine, and Voyager 2’s

But, you know what was more glorious? Coming out of that reverie, continuing class, and then coming home after work to some nice tea. I encountered my first real obstacle this Dryvember, and it came on day six. That’s not too bad if you ask me. What’s even better is that I overcame it without much trouble.

I am still on board with this endeavor, and I am steeling myself for further incidents such as today’s. But, I feel good mentally and physically. I’m still tired, but I’ve managed to get more and better sleep these past few days. All in all, I am proud of my efforts and accomplishments thus far.

Now, if only I could clean my room. Thanks for reading.

Oh, and Voyager 2 entered interstellar space. It’s journey is not relevant to mine, but it’s cool nonetheless.

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Dryvember Day Five: Guy Fawkes is Nonsense

And here I am approaching the end of Dryvember day 5 and thinking about how Guy Fawkes is nonsense. Why? Put simply, the man was a religious terrorist, and that doesn’t fly with me. He wanted to blow up the House of Lords and kill King James I. Why? Because he and the others involved in the Gunpowder plot wanted to start a Catholic Revolution and install a Catholic leader to the crown. Everyone involved were traitorous would be murderers. They can go right to hell.

Also, the plot gave us that damn Remember, remember the fifth of November junk, repeated by so many people because it sounds cool. Sorry to those of you who say it because you know the historical context. And when Alan Moore put it in V for Vendetta, I have no doubt he knew what it was. I don’t know why I have such a visceral reaction to Guy Fawkes, but I always have, and Dryvember day five is no exception. It might have something to do with idolizing religious terrorists. Or, it could be that so much of the imagery associated with this murderous plot has become hipster gobbledygook to me.

Again, I apologize to any who just want to have some fun on this day. I am not trying to kill your joy; it’s just not for me.

What Else Can I Say About Dryvember Day Five and Guy Fawkes?

My 16:10-18:00 class once again struggled with the material. It’s looking more and more like it’s too tough for them and I have to make more adjustments.

A Chinese teacher I have never seen asked me if I had a class in the only building I ever have class in. I said yet. He asked if i was sure. I then told him I have class there everyday. I felt kind of like a dick, but come on. The best, though, was when a student also in the elevator say good morning to me. As far as micro-aggressions go, it wasn’t bad, or even all that notable. It was annoying. I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who have to deal with actual micro-aggressions on a daily basis.

Oh, and I forgot my textbook for my morning class. Luckily my colleague, who also teaches a version of that class, let me borrow his. Talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. That would not have been a great way to begin the morning..

Oh, and I scraped the story I started a couple days ago. I kept the file, but I am not going to use those words. Better inspiration struck, so I had to follow it. It does stink to lose those 1,500 words I wrote previously, but that’s how these things go sometimes

The image shows a can of lemon sparkling water, which was my beverage for Dryvember Day Five Guy Fawkes instead of alcohol

Oh, and I had a can of that lemon soda water featured above. It stinks. It’s very chemically lemon and not very sparkling. Luckily, I didn’t pay much for it.

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

I felt pretty good today, despite some hiccups. Though, I will say that I felt a little stressed and irrationally angry. Both are probably a result on working, but also knowing that this upcoming weekend will be booze free. And sure, it’s only Tuesday, but it’s never too late to look forward to the weekend. But, when the weekends usually involve indulging in alcohol, not having that option is a bit of a let down. I’ll be fine, I’m sure. In the meantime, I have writing to do and tea to drink.

So that’s it for Dryvember day five, and remember, remember, Guy Fawkes is nonsense.

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Dryvember Day Four: I Am Exhausted

All right people, here we go with the Dryvember day four progress report. As the headline says, I am sleepy. But, I feel good. Why so sleepy?? Glad you asked. I felt exhausted yesterday, so I went to bed early. I don’t know if that decision was a mistake. What I do know is I woke up at 1:45 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I was having a crazy ass dream about Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange, which would be a great team up.

In the dream, which I was watching as if it were a movie, the good doctor and flaming skull dude found themselves trapped in a strange dimension. In that dimension, they had to fight two warring tribes that each had magic and advanced technology. The climax of the dream was so intense that it woke me up. And I don’t mean just a little. I was wide awake, wanting to write that dream I’d just had.

Well, I made some notes and tried to go back to sleep. After all, it was too damn early to be up. Unfortunately, my mind and body had different ideas. Instead of allowing me to drift back to dreamland, my brain insisted I keep thinking about the dream. I wouldn’t have minded, but again, it was super early and i just wanted more sleep.

Still, I made a couple more notes and tried to come up with some character names. I mean, as much as I would love to use Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange, I can’t. So, I have to create my own characters, loosely based on the originals, of course.

Finally, I decided to get out of bed and start Dryvember day four properly

I needed to do some lesson planning, so I did. In order to battle the tiredness I knew was coming, I drank a ton of coffee: three cups to be exact. Now, that may not sound like a lot to many of you, but I usually only drink one, maybe two.

After lesson planning, I completed my morning routine and went to work. Thank goodness today was my end early day because I was done teaching at noon. Then I went shopping and came home. Once I got home I thought about taking a nap, but decided against it. I didn’t want to wake up at 20:00 or something and then be awake all night. Hopefully this plan of staying up for as long as I can, or at least until 20:00 or 21:00 (it’s nearly 18:00 now), will help me sleep through the night.

I do wonder why I woke up so early and couldn’t get back to sleep. I know a sudden stoppage in alcohol consumption can lead to insomnia. However, I don’t think it’s that. More likely is the fact that I have dealt with insomnia nearly my entire life. But who knows, maybe the lack of booze in my system is messing things up. Still, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me because it’s not like I was drinking everyday before I started No Drink November. At any rate, I hope to get some good sleep tonight.

The image shows a jar of cranberry tea which I will be drinking on Dryvember Day four

To that end, I am drinking some cranberry tea. It’s tasty, sugar free, and not too bitter. Plus, the lack of caffeine can only help send me to slumberland.

What Else Did I Do Today?

Other things of note I did today? Well, I wrote this blog post. Ha ha. I also finished Creepshow and wrote the review for the final episode. The thought of doing to do some more writing on the projects I’m working on crossed my mind, but those can wait. I think I am too tired to do much of anything except drink tea and veg out on stupid TV.

Oh, and something I didn’t do was clean my room. Ha ha. Maybe tomorrow….

So, that’s it for Dryvember Day Four. Thanks for following along with my story. I know it’s not the most interesting, but I hope it brings a smile to your face nonetheless. Let me know what’s going on with you in the comments. Peace and love and lots of hugs.

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Creepshow S01 E06: Water Monsters Rule

Here it is, finally, my review of Creepshow S01 E06. Keep and eye out for a whole season roundup, but for now let’s focus on the task at hand. Both stories in this episode feature water monsters, though in different capacities. In addition to this similarity, there is also the theme of exploiting nature for commercial success. The first story Skincrawlers wears this theme on its sleeve. However, the second story By The Silver Waters of Lake Champlain dances with this idea as well.

The image shows the title of Skincrawlers, the first tale in Creepshow S01 E06

Without officially ranking them, I would say that this episode’s stories are two of the strongest of the season. I don’t know if I can say they were my favorite, but I enjoyed them immensely. Each story is confident in the writing, directing, cinematography, and acting. And the specials effects are wonderful as well, especially in Skincrawlers.

While there are similarities between the two stories, stark differences also exist. Skincrawlers is a creature feature first and foremost. It has very little interest in the humanity of its characters. Oh sure, characterization happens, but on briefly. The characters are archetypes, which is fine. In fact, that’s pretty much how shows like this go. After all, there’s only so much character you can give in 20 minutes or so.

Plus, the lack of depth is what makes the inevitable bloodbath so satisfying. These aren’t people we care about, but rather people we are happy to see die. Where this story differs from other episodes, including the second feature in Creepshow S01 E06, is they aren’t bad people. Even the shady investor turns out not to be all that terrible. I was still happy to see him die, and his death was fun. All of the deaths in this story were fun and had me smiling with glee.

Creepshow S01 E06 Is A Smaller Story With Human Terror

Whereas Skincrawlers went big with the gore and death, Silver Waters goes small. This is a quiet story lacking the bombast of the previous tale, but it still unnerves. Actually, it might even be more unnerving that Skincrawlers.

The premise of this story is straightforward enough. There’s a monster in a local lake. Think the Loch Ness Monster, only in the US. “Champy” is it’s name, presumably after the lake. There’s a family, big sister Rose, little brother Joey, their mom Leigh, and mom’s abusive boyfriend Chet. Chet is a real scumbag, molded out of the stuff that Stephen King uses to make his most memorable shit-heels. That makes some sense, considering this is a Joe Hill story.

Rose, like her father before her, obsesses over the existence of Champ. Leigh doesn’t like that and claims that William, the father was crazy. Well, on this particular day a fog is rolling in, much like it did on the day William claimed to have seen Champy.

As a side note, we get what sounds like Adrienne Barbeau on the radio warning the townsfolk about the incoming fog. This is fun because of her role in John Carpenter’s The Fog, acting as a nice Easter egg.

The Slow Burn Builds Tension and Hold Interest

This episode had me squirming in my seat. Not because it was overly scary, but because director Tom Savini lets the tension build. As the audience we know this story almost beat for beat. Yet, it stays interesting due to how much breathing room Savini gives it.

This could have easily strayed into cliche (and it does to a bit) or a rush job like Times is Tough in Musky Holler. But, it doesn’t. We spend time with Rose, understanding her motivations and why Champy is so important to her. Rose feels real, and so does her would-be boyfriend, Tommy. I mean, they are still thin sketches, but they definitely have more depth than many of the characters in the stories this season.

Skincrawlers also had this slow burn, making the gory release of the finale worth it. Silver Waters has a similar release, but it is softer and more understated in tone. And it’s a little tragic. Did I tear up at one of the final images? You bet your Rambo knife, I did.

Thus ends the season, and my recap of Creepshow s01 E06. Thank you for reading. I am sorry if this review is a little lackluster, I am operating on not much sleep. I could have waited to write and post this, but I’ve already waited too long. Thanks again, and as always, if you have something to say, leave it in the comments.

And, as I wrote near the beginning of this post, I will eventually rank all the stories from the first season. I hope to have your eyes on that post when I do. Until then, watch out for the Creep. If you missed any of my reviews, click here to read them.

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I Hate How The Mist Ends Movie Version

I hate how The Mist ends so much. Why? Because it’s unearned cheap manipulation. It tells the audience how to feel, and it shoves bleakness in their face. Granted, it’s been a long time since I saw the movie, but I remember nothing in it foreshadowing that ending. It’s there to shock. To that end, it succeeds. But it’s cynical nonsense.

How could the ending have been effective or earned. First, set up the choice earlier. Second, have the final shot be of the Jeep. We hear gunshots and see muzzle flashes. Fade to black. We wouldn’t know who lived and who died. It’s still bleak, but it leaves us wondering. Or don’t even have the gunshots, just the Jeep.

The image shows the movie poster for the Mist, and I hate how the Mist ends.

I hate how the Mist ends: it’s cheap emotional manipulation. It says, if he would have just waited, things would have been okay. Moreover, it says, if they had left in the beginning with Carol from the Walking Dead, everything would have been okay. Having the Mist dissipate is dumb to me.

I don’t mind dark and bleak endings. I especially didn’t mind them when this movie came out. But, I feel they need to be earned. They need to mean something. They can’t just be bleak for bleakness’s sake. Cynicism is not thought provoking or powerful. It’s cheap.

I know King says he wishes he would have written that ending, and fine. I prefer the ending he did write. That one is just as bleak, but it’s not as cynical. Sure, people are still alive, but it’s not a happy ending. The Mist is there. It’s everywhere. It ends on the chance at hope: maybe we’ll find a safe place, but don’t bet on it. Lots of people like it, but I do not. What are your thoughts?

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Dryvember Day Three: SJ Sharks Make Me Thirsty

Dryvember day three saw another successful day of no booze, and another SJ Sharks loss. The latter definitely made the former more difficult. Whereas they played an excellent game yesterday and still lost, today they stank. They weren’t Sharks, they were chum. It was a terrible game after the first two shifts, which I missed due to internet issues. Anyway, it was a stinker.

I say that the Sharks losing made Dryvember day three tough, but that’s not really true. Sure, a drink would have been nice to help numb the pain, but it was unnecessary. In fact, not drinking allowed me to really pay attention to how bad the game was. I got to embrace my disappointment rather than give into booze inspired anger. So, another win to build on. Now, if only Team Teal could start to build on whatever little things they do well to get some wins. Of course, today, they did nothing well except feed the opposition.

But, enough about the Sharks. After the game, I was in the position of once again figuring out something to do. The first thing I did was drown my disappointment in ginger beer, non-alcoholic of course.

The image shows a bottle of Bundaberg ginger beer, which was my beverage of choice for Dryvember Day Three
This stuff is delicious. Not too sweet with a nice real ginger flavor.

Fighting the Boredom of Dryvember Day Three

After enjoying that beverage (gone too quickly) I still didn’t know what to do. I figured I could do some writing because I can always do some writing. But, I’d been staring at my computer screen for a while already. Then, I thought I could play some Luigi’s Mansion 3 because that game’s a blast. But again, the problem of screens. Of course, while I considering these thoughts, I was on my phone. So much for avoiding screens.

Finally, I decided it was time for lunch, so I ate. Then I ventured out to the local supermarket for some much needed supplies: mostly cleaning. I still haven’t cleaned up my apartment, but now at least I have the needed items.

And here’s the trick to this whole sobriety thing, at least for me: don’t get bored. This is different from staying active, though there are definite similarities. Boredom is the bane of sobriety because you’re sitting there with nothing better to do, so why no drink. It’s logical to an extent, and easy to follow through on. Keeping busy, or at least embracing the nothing that you do will help you fight bored drinking. When I say you here, I want to be clear, I mean me. I don’t know what would work for any of you reading this. I don’t know your lives or your drinking triggers.

However, I do know that engaging fully with what I am doing helps me stay sober. Sometimes that means writing, others it means going shopping, and others still it means writing or lesson planning. There is always something I could be doing other than drinking. I need to remember that even after this month is over.

What Did I Do?

Did I ever figure out something to do? Not really. I mean, I wrote this blog post, so that’s something. And now I am deciding whether or not to work on a story I started yesterday after I wrote my update on No Drink November, or to just watch a movie. I find both of them quite appealing. I probably should work on the story; it involves a deadline. But, I do have work tomorrow and relaxing sounds nice, too.

Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, that’s what went on during Dryvember day three for me. Thanks for reading, and if you’ve got something to say, say it in the comments.

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